Palmer Square Environmental, Social, and Governance Initiatives

ESG Initiatives


Key Research Biases


Maintaining low interest rate duration


Focusing on higher quality assets


Maintaining a high degree of liquidity

By augmenting Palmer Square’s proprietary relative value framework with these three biases, we believe we can achieve compelling risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Mission Statement: Palmer Square firmly believes in the importance of being both a responsible corporate organization as well as a steward of capital for clients. As such, Palmer Square seeks to identify and incorporate key ESG factors into its investment processes and decision making across our platform.

ESG Goals:

  • As an investment manager, Palmer Square believes that a multitude of factors, whether or not they be related to environmental, social or governance, can play a definitive role in the performance and outcome of a business’s success.
  • Palmer Square seeks to identify key areas of risk during its due diligence and investment decision process in order to better understand and mitigate how specific business policies and practices may impact the ultimate success of an investment.

Environmental considerations: what a particular company’s business model or industry association does from an environmental impact and how that should factor in to our view of overall credit risk as it relates to portfolio construction and risk management

Social considerations: business level decisions related to fair labor, employee health and wellness, anti-discrimination or a multitude of other social factors, and how they ultimately play a role in the outcome of an investment

Governance considerations: understanding the views and motivations of a company’s ownership, management, board of directors and other interested parties, and how they can impact a potential investment over the short, medium and long-term

Palmer Square views its approach to ESG as an evolving process that aims to continually build upon existing initiatives. The firm formed its initial ESG Policy Statement in 2019 and began integrating it into the research process in late 2019. The firm has developed an in-house ESG scoring system comprised of segment and composite scores as well as an industry score. These scores are reassessed semi-annually and tracked internally to provide the Investment Team with insightful data as to how the various portfolios and strategies have evolved over time. And most recently, Palmer Square became a UN-PRI signatory in January 2020.

Palmer Square has moved swiftly to create ESG-focused options across the Firm’s product suite, both domestically and internationally.

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